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Hello, I'm Sara Marinich!

Thank you for bearing with me during a transitory period. Transitioning from what to what you ask? I'm transitioning from stage manager to projection designer, from theater artist to interdisciplinary artist, from guitarist to violinist, from monolingual to bilingual, from drawer to painter, from graphic designer to sculptor.
I don't know where I am going, but I am going there with all of the energy I can muster.

As a stage manager, I enjoy the extremes. The quick pace of devised theater is wonderful with the collaboration of many, while Grand Opera captures the attention of thousands in just a single performance. I enjoy the community of people on a show and helping create the best performances possible.

As an artist, I am currently exploring the relation of my body to nature. What does it mean to be a transgender person dealing with the Western idea of a gender binary? Why do I relate so much to coral reef fish? Why are bees called "male" and "female" when their real sexes are drone, worker, and queen? Why is it so hard to draw faces but not cats?

You can follow my visual arts work on my Instagram. If you would like a resume of my theatre work, click here

Upcoming Projects

Artistic Fellow for The Wilma Theater for the 2018/19 season.
Stage Managing The Appointment with Lightning Rod Special | March 20-31 2019 at FringeArts in Philly
Stage Managing Opera Philadelphia's T-VOCE Choir and teaching with their Backstage Pass program.
Production Manager for Honey Honey with Ninth Planet.

Lastly, thank you to George Marinich and Rory Marinich for answering all my questions as I programmed this website from the ground up.


Contact me at sara.g.marinich@gmail.com